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Theofficial EbZ

"Born  "Ebenezer Ndipnchot" later changed to Ebenezer lembe. Born to a single mother.
Its safe to say nothing about the enviroment had anything to do with rap music."

Despite that,

The snowball did start in west Africa, Cameroon.

To be precise, Within the city Yaounde.
(Wich is the capital city of Cameroon) 
I am from a small town called "Biyem Assi".

That lies withing the city called Yaounde.

Even if it's safe to say the envirement had nothing
to do with rap or anything to offer for rap.

And it was completely different then Los angelos.

Biyem assi ->

Click on the image to enlarge

A great chance encounter that I had at the age of 16,
With the rap group called: " Magma Fusion " changed all that. 

Only a year later and it was radio stations, talent shows and even an appearance on television.


Then in 2002 after miraculously winning a green card. Being allowed to live in the America.

the story fortunately continued in the
US , Huntsville Alabama.

Where I continued to live for about 5/6 years of my live.








Destined to make music and paving the way to succes.
I decided to move and go to the city of promise , Los angeles California.
Where I could live up to my dreams of becoming a rapper. create the music I always wanted to create.

And enjoy live on the go.

Coming to the states was the impossibility that came true,
Success in music however is destined to be automatic with the right focus...
With the right mindset... and the right dedication to continue flowing.

  "It's not where you start, It's where you finish at"       Ebenezer Lembe


So aslong as the story still goes, stay tuned and see where it heads.

As there is only two ways on a path untill crossroads arise.
And I'm not thinking of going the way I came from.

And when the crossroads come I will decide the better way.

CROAG ~ [Kuh - Ro - Ahg]

Definition: Crawlin right out a gutter.
(Crawling out the gutter.)
(Crawling out a gutter.)



1.  Struggling and improving yourself to get out of a bad spot.
I am crawling out of the gutter right now.

2.  just hanging by a thread to survive with struggles.      
I am trying to crawl out of this gutter.